Ceramic Discs

Product overview ceramic discs COBRA Technologies BV The ceramic discs of Cobra Technologies are manufactured from aluminium oxide (alumina, Al2O3) and are available in different sizes (diameter, thickness) different characteristics (pore size, water wet, oil wet).Disc characteristics:
  • Sizes (standard) imperial and metric: 25 – 50.8 mm (1”-2”) diameter with 2 – 7.5 mm thickness
  • Standard deviations for all sizes: +/- 0.1mm Other sizes up to 101.6 mm (4”) with thicknesses up to 10 mm on request
  • Discs can be polished on one side (Ra < 0,1 µm)
  • Material: α-Al2O3 (high quality alpha alumina, >99%)
  • Available modifications: Oil wet (hydrophobized) discs
 Limits of operation:
  • Temperature: 1000 °C (exceptions: hydrophobic discs, certain coated discs)
  • Pressure: Depending on morphology
  • pH: 1-14 (may differ for certain coatings)
  • Temperature, pressure en pH values are influenced by type of solvent/ medium during use.
 Mean Pore Size/Diameter Availability:
  • 50 nm (0.05 micron) with theoretical entry pressure 57,6BAR (835 PSI)
  • 80 nm (0.08 micron) with theoretical entry pressure 35,5 BAR (507PSI)
  • 150 nm (0.15 micron) with theoretical entry pressure 18,9BAR (275PSI)
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