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We are pleased to inform you that our website of Cobra Technologies BV is launched:

The core activity of Cobra is production and sales of porous ceramic components and related products for a diversity of applications. The technology for production of the porous ceramics is protected by patents and licensed.


The production methododology of Cobra is based on special colloidal filtration methodes, resulting in defined porous ceramic products with sharp pore size distribution, especially towards the higher tail of the Gauss-distribution curve. The –water wet- hydrophilic ceramic discs can be coated with finer pore coatings on top with different membrane materials. Also the discs can be hydrophobized to supply oil wet ceramic discs.


Some important fields of application are in membrane filtration, in sensors, in analytical applications and as intermediate product as machinable component. Membrane filtration requires ceramic tubular supports with high surface quality, high mechanical strength and sharp defined pore size distribution, which can be produced by the method of Cobra. Sensors and analytical applications require porous ceramics, where the same parameters as in membrane filtration are essential. The use is in porous plugs, allowing for electrical contact and preventing viscous flow. In analytical application the sharp pore size distribution is essential.

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